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In the spirit of Neon Goat's vibrant energy, could you share a moment when your teen son brought an unexpected splash of colour into your life or business?

That’s easy! He does that daily with his quirky sense of humour and his creativity... Life is never dull, it's always colourful with him.

The Teenage Perspective: Living with a teenager can be like riding a roller coaster in the dark. What's one challenge you've faced while living with your teen son, and how did you turn it into a positive experience?

Being a single mum and a woman, you can imagine I have many challenges with my teen when it comes to being a young developing man. I don't have personal experience... but lucky for me and him, he has many uncles he can bond over “boy stuff” with…and when that fails, my go to is a movie or a series that has awkward growing up moments in it that allows for a playful conversation about teen stuff.

Admirable Traits: Teenagers often teach us more about life than we realise. What's one thing you admire most about your teen son, or what have you learned from him that's been surprisingly profound?

I admire his resilience and empathy… that’s 2 things, but I just love him to bits. Being a teen can be tough, new friends, old friends…there is always a lot of change, but he navigates it all at his own pace with so much confidence, just by being  himself. I guess that’s what he teaches me, to just be me, to be confident. 

Time-Travel Tips: If you could step into a time machine and visit your teenage self, what cheeky piece of advice would you give yourself about navigating the future, especially knowing what you do now about business and life?

Probably to give myself a break… to allow for more mistakes and to squeeze in as many adventures as possible before life gets too serious and being an adult gets in the way.

Shared Passions: What's an activity or hobby you love doing together with your teen son that brings out the 'cool' in both of you, Neon Goat style?

We both love jumping off the pier in Watsons Bay, afternoons spent there are the best.  It’s our thing and I think that’s pretty cool.

The 'Goat' Legacy: If your teen son were to take over Neon Goat for a day, what innovative or outrageous product do you think he would create, and why?

I think he would create a new sea salt spray type product that has extra strong hold for his hair, so that when he takes his hat off or his helmut after skateboarding he would still have cool hair… teen boys these days seem to pay so much more attention to the latest hair trends, well he certainly is, it's very entertaining.

Laugh Out Loud: Share a hilarious or face-palm moment you've had with your teen son that still makes you chuckle or shake your head in disbelief. That typical teen-moment or habit!

I don’t know about chuckling about it, but it definitely lightens the mood when he gets home some days from school or the skate park and reeks of sweat, and because he knows it, he launches into an extra big lingering hug and hello mum… which of course  I am trying to duck and dive away from… as much as he smells, I do savour those playful moments. Can I say thank you Jacks for Neon Goat in those moments?!


Navigating the Teen Terrain: Teens are known for their mood swings and monosyllabic responses. What's your secret to getting your teen son to open up and engage in meaningful conversations, especially about life and your business?

Jake usually finds his moments to chat to me in the car… not sure why? We have always had a very honest relationship…chatting about everything, friends, girls, family. I guess I never made him feel that he has to talk, I just allow a space for him to come forward.  Also I joke with him about things I want to know about that he hasn’t mentioned and most times he then launches into a conversation about it.

As a lifestyle photographer and storyteller for both families and businesses, Vicki photographs life’s moments and events, naturally. Capturing the spontaneity, and their individuality. No two moments are the same… “my life behind the lens allows me to be welcomed into people’s spaces to show what I see, how I see it and how beautiful these moments are.”