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Jackie Baron, Founder and Director of neon goat


In the spirit of Neon Goat's vibrant energy, could you share a moment when your teen son brought an unexpected splash of colour into your life or business?

For me – the answer to this question is so easy! My 2 boys (now 17 and 13) are literally the inspiration behind launching Neon Goat! Well – I could be even more specific and honest and say that their body odour (B.O) is the inspiration – but it’s so much more than that. It’s because I often think “our boys” are misunderstood and overlooked that it was so important not just launching a natural deodorant for them – but a brand that truly values what they value  - a brand they can be proud of - and also considers us mums and dads too.

Has your teen son ever given you a business idea or insight that was so brilliant it made you think, "Why didn't I think of that?" What was it, and how did it influence your business?

Again my boys have inspired me and Neon Goat since day 1. I look to them and their friends as the brand’s inspiration. I create products not just for the sake of creating new products but what they need at the same time as keeping things simple as I haven’t met a tween or young teen that loves complicated and time-consuming body care routines (yet!).

Living with a teenager can be like riding a roller coaster in the dark. What's one challenge you've faced while living with your teen son, and how did you turn it into a positive experience?

Surely I can’t be the only one with teen boys that swear a lot???!!!!!

Initially I found this very difficult to comprehend and “accept” as a parent. Often as parents we have to readjust our parenting styles as the kids grow older – but I do believe that our current generation of parenting is very different to how we were as teenagers together with our parents.

Not that I totally condone swearing…but I have become more relaxed than I used to be and can often have a chuckle with my boys hearing their banter.

If you could step into a time machine and visit your teenage self, what cheeky piece of advice would you give yourself about navigating the future, especially knowing what you do now about business and life?

Anything is possible. Don’t stick to the rules and be courageous on your journey.

Laugh Out Loud: Share a hilarious or face-palm moment you've had with your teen son that still makes you chuckle or shake your head in disbelief. That typical teen-moment or habit!

My son was recently taking his driving test and shortly after his driving test – he sent me a text message to apologise that he had failed, he was embarrassed and that I’d have to continue taking him driving.I must admit I was pretty frustrated as I am constantly on the road for endless hours each week with him driving him around the State with a gruelling soccer schedule. All I wanted to do was drive home as my patience had been tested and a short while later he appeared with his driver’s licence in hand! He loves nothing more than a prank on me and this time – he got me GOOD!

Admirable Traits: Teenagers often teach us more about life than we realize. What's one thing you admire most about your teen son, or what have you learned from him that's been surprisingly profound?

I’m going to mention a trait from each of my two teenage sons. My eldest is extraordinarily self disciplined. I have been in awe of his commitment to both his passion and drive for sport as well as not dropping the ball (!) on his school work even during an HSC year. I love seeing and watching a motivated kid knowing there’s a lot of highs and lows when it comes to one’s sporting journey. My youngest son continues to teach me that you don’t have to have a singular focus on an activity or a skill. So often we find our kids may be particularly skilled at a particular thing and then we focus all their efforts on that…be it music, a particular sport, a skill… but my youngest son is a true team player, passionate towards numerous sports and hobbies and is the ultimate all-rounder. I hope he continues on this path for many many years.

Shared Passions: What's an activity or hobby you love doing together with your teen son that brings out the 'cool' in both of you, Neon Goat style?

We love playing sport together and often find ourselves in highly competitive family table tennis tournaments! I often take credit for my kids being very skilled at ping pong! I also love nothing more than going out with my kids for breakfast, lunch or dinner!


The 'Goat' Legacy: If your teen son were to take over Neon Goat for a day, what innovative or outrageous product do you think he would create, and why?

Both my sons are pretty obsessed with their hair and regularly seem to making appointments at the barber!! Who know? A Neon Goat hair range may be in the works!

Navigating the Teen Terrain: Teens are known for their mood swings and monosyllabic responses. What's your secret to getting your teen son to open up and engage in meaningful conversations, especially about life and your business?

Teaching your son to drive has opened up many conversations with my my teen children. Even if your son is not at the driving age or stage – just driving with your son whether its to sports, friends homes or to and from school can begin conversations that one would never get to. It’s so tempting to get them to go on the bus, on their bikes etc. but I’ve found the best, funniest, most meaningful conversations are when we are side by side.